Music Video

Your trusted creative partner to breathe life into art from the vision of your own imagination.

Music Videos for the Locals

From death metal to country music, Daniel Scott Films is the trusted music video production house in the Wichita area that will work with you to find creative ways to help your budget go further to maximize the production value.

Music Video Pricing

Subject to change, generally for local-level music videos I charge a flat rate of $800* for a single-day shoot.

Base Package Includes

  • Pre-planning (scripting, shotlist, storyboarding)
  • Production (filming, directing)
  • Post-production (editing)
  • Use of in-house filming equipment (See film equipment inventory)

*Please note - In most cases, I will require an additional $100 to cover a production assistant.

Additional costs to consider

  • Location rental
  • Rental of additional lighting or rigging equipment
  • Actors
  • Craft Services (food)
  • Set design
  • Makeup, wardrobe, props
  • Specialized talent (Director, Camera Assistant, Grip, etc.)

Recent Projects

"Creative vision that works with you! We shot a music video for our song “Consequences” and through every stage of the process, Daniel gave clear explanations of his artistic vision for the piece making for it to be an all around collaboration where everyone felt their input was valued! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to shoot a Music Video! The dude kills it, and whether he’s running a team, or shooting the footage solo, his Communication is on point, and he’s someone that you can count on!"

D'Angelo Talbot /

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